- 08 Dezember 2013 -
T-Shirts available now!

Our first printed T-Shirt can be purchased now via our online-shop!
It is available in size S, M, L, XL.
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New Promo-Photo 2013


- 10 September 2013 -
Back on stage at 21 September 2013

Be there!


- 10 September 2013 -
Vicon has left the band

Due to some long time lasting personal differencies between Vicon (2nd Guitarist) and the other members of Khaos Aeon, Vicon decided to leave the band and focus more on his personal projects.

We wish him all the best for the future.

From now on Khaos Aeon will work as a trio consisting of Izethos, Phosphoros and G.


- 17 August 2013 -

Here we go with another free-to-listen track of our latest work. Enjoy!


- 05 March 2013 -

Reviews of 'KOENIGREICH' online

Chronicles Of Chaos
by: Chaim Drishner (9 out of 10)

A new year, new musical blood, only this one has already been recorded and completed almost a year ago, and has not yet found a decent label to properly release this dark musical gem. Khaos Aeon is the best black metal band around you probably don't even know. These German wunderkinder write and play black metal in the Secrets of the Moon vein (_Privilegivm_ and _Seven Bells_ era), that is to say slow-paced, sombre, riff-oriented, guitar-driven, occult-ish, sensual and sinister metal, owning a singular sharp sound and charged with cold emotions and death-worship themes. And even though Khaos Aeon's sound is unmistakeably German, their style is far from being orthodox. But get this: no label was interested in releasing the album, Khaos Aeon's sophomore and brilliant _Koenigreich_, so the band were forced to release it independently. [Read more]

Abyssic Storm Zine

Khaos Aeon have been unfurling their asperity upon the Black Metal scene since 2008, and five years later, at the beginning of 2013, I was pleased to have the opportunity to listen to and review their second full-length album, ‘Koenigreich’. The band is a shadowy, mysterious gathering; an allegory of occultism united with bitter, black bane; the very ingredients which beget a very dark, forbidden sound which the four members are so very good at creating. One only needs to cast their eyes (and ears) upon their previous releases to bear witness to this. The first aspect one cannot help but notice is the overall simplicity of the new album. The cover, although merely an aesthetic, is incomplex and straight to the point, as are the titles of the eight tracks which form it; each title being a single word. Perhaps this is deliberate, perhaps not, but it is an effective outlook; one that displays coherence and, in some way, aggression. A much-debated aspect of Metal is, of course, production quality. In this case, it is very clean-cut and very well-done; something which really seems to enhance the punch and crunch of Khaos Aeon’s more contemporary Black Metal style. [Read more]


- 02 February 2013 -
Webshop online

For a more comfortable buying process we possess now a small webshop where you can purchase our releases payable via PayPal.



- 15 January 2013 -
Confirmed for Pfalz Metal Nacht 2013

We will take part at the Pfälzer Metal Nacht in Otterbach, Germany.
It will take place on the 6th April 2013.


-11 January 2013 -

For the blood! Back to the ancient gods! Koenigreich symbolizes the unbound and rigid Force of Edom and its barren desert and all that dwells there.

Total playtime: 45 minutes
Including 20-page booklet. 

01. Death
02. Pyre
03. Night
04. Koenigreich
05. Sutech
06. Blood
07. Khaon
08. Life

10,00 Euro + shipping costs


- 06 January 2013 -


Listen to some new snippets of tracks that will appear on KOENIGREICH!


- 03 January 2013 -

Show confirmed!

We hope you started the new year well. We did!
We are pleased about that we can confirm a show at the 12 January in "Zur Goldenen Krone (GER, Darmstadt)". We will share the stage with Vinion and Purify.

Furthermore to announce is that the album KOENIGREICH is now in process of duplication.
We are expecting to receive the copys at the middle of this month.


- 02 December 2012 -
Show confirmed

We are going to play at one further gig on the MARCH OF DOOM TOUR 2013 from Streams of Blood, Selbstentleibung, Betrayed and Rohavart.

11 February 2013 Chapeau in Klingenberg (GER)
06 March 2013 Jugendhaus in Erlenbach am Main(GER)
09 March 2013 Vfrr Clubhaus in Großerlach (GER)


- 01 November 2012 -
Shows confirmed for the upcoming year

Khaos Aeon will have the honour to play two special gigs at the side of 'Streams Of Blood'.

11 February 2013 Chapeau in Klingenberg (GER)
06 March 2013 Jugendhaus in Erlenbach am Main(GER)


- 11 October 2012 -
New Promo-Photos

Taken by Hell Mut. Thank you for this great work!


- 21 August 2012 -
Important decision for the bands future

Because we did not have any success the last few moths concerning the finding of a fitting label we decided to finance a CD production of the album "Koenigreich" by our own!

Fuck the labels and their hypocrisy! You will receive the entire spirit from KHAOS AEON soon. No fucked up people between!

Stay tuned regarding upcoming information.


Next draw-session will be in all probability the upcoming week. New blood is needed for Torn Your Ties Festival!


- 14 July 2012 -
Under The Black Sun 2012 - Song "SUTECH" live

- 10 June 2012 -
New song online


- 09 May 2012 -
Show confirmed

Khaos Aeon will play at Geisterasche II on 21 July 2012.

- 21 March 2012 -
Show confirmed

Khaos Aeon will play at Torn Your Ties Festival on 1st September 2012.

- 15 March 2012 -
Finalisation of the new album

Well done. The production of all songs of the second full-length album is over. After an intense period of mastering we are very satisfied with the final result. We want to introduce you to further details now:

The album will be called "Koenigreich". It will contain 8 songs with a overall playtime of 45 minutes. The songnames will be ...

01. Death
02. Pyre
03. Night
04. Koenigreich
05. Sutech
06. Blood
07. Khaon
08. Life

We are starting the applications now to find a better, responsible and dedicated label to reveal our work to the world.